Radio Advertisements

The deep rumbling voice on radio, soothing the soul and selling your product!

It starts off with a simple jingle. And before you know it, friends are humming it to each other, instantly identifying your brand through those sweet seconds of melody! Introducing you to the world of radio advertising, where sound is king, and we’ve got the perfect tune in mind for you!

Radio advertising in India is broadcasting the brand communication through an engaging audio clip which can circulated multiple times a day to encourage brand awareness. The target audience is the listenership of each station on which the advertisement requires to run. Media buying and media planning services also go into radio advertisements. This takes care of generating high return on investments in the long run. These specify the radio station according to target audience, the placement of advertisement, format of advertising in the medium and much more.

Radio marketing agencies such as ourselves do focus on the script. The tone and treatment should engage the audience and communicate it at the target audience's level. Jingles are important in any a radio advertisement for any brand. It sits in the mind of the listener. Brand affinity is built via radio marketing because of use of jingle. The tune should be catchy and melodious. It needs to break from the other musical elements.

We device radio marketing strategies to push the brand and build positive brand resonance. The tone is set according to the brand values. Radio marketing is an ambient tool to advertise. Radios are the fall back in the absence of internet. They are inescapable for a large number of audience. People remember what they hear on the radio station. It replays in their mind in any situation and redirects them subconsciously to the brand's message. It can be a melodious jingle, an impactful speech or engaging skit that makes them purchase at the brand.

Benefits of radio advertisements are-

  • top digital agencyReach multi linguistic target audience
  • best digital agencyIncreased brand resonance
  • top digital marketing agencyLow cost marketing approach

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