Launch Programme

Celebrating the launch of your product with panache! Bold and festive, for the whole world to bear witness!

It’s the biggest occasion for your brand, and we’d love to be a part of the festivities! We’ve been harbouring an enormous cache of product launch ideas, the best of which, we’d love to share with you! Let’s create a launch event the world will remember!

Eclectic Product Launch Event Ideas

Do you see your product being launched to thunderous applause from an auditorium full of anxiously awaiting customers? Or maybe as a series of street giveaways, captured faithfully on social media? Give us a shot, we’ll create the hype!

Well Begun

Invitation letters for your launching program are waiting to be sent out! Launch day events can help you gain a huge foothold in the market, and suss out competitors! You only get one launch, so make it a successful one with us!

How we do it?

Establish Target Markets -> Social Media Buzz -> Organize Event -> Mail Invites -> Launch Event!


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