Increasing NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The Net Promoter Score shows the loyalty of a brand's/ business's customer relationships. This management tool that also shows satisfaction level of customers towards a brand. It is closely related to revenue figures. The gives a realistic image of the brand's position in the market. The collected data holds relevance for the marketing strategies' review. At The Marcom Avenue, we aggressively focus to increase net promoter score of our clients. We do this by devising strategies after understanding consumer needs, their behavior pattern and their ailments.

We are quick to follow up and ensure customer satisfaction without hindering the client's personal space. We ensure that the ailments of unhappy, dissatisfied customers are addressed and the brand provides them a solution. This way the unhappy turns to happy and we can ensure their brand loyalty. We are trusted partners to increase net promoter score of any brand. Through us a challenge of any level. It is easier for customers to share their negative experience rather than their positive experience. Net promoter score can be influenced by online and offline medium alike. Advertisements are majorly focused of brand awareness and resonance. These can be used to influence net promoter score. Online reputation management and public relation efforts go a long way in this medium.

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